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      Our Labrador retriever puppies are guaranteed to be healthy upon delivery in person to you.  Each puppy will have been wormed at 2,4 and 6 weeks.  At close to six weeks of age, your puppy will receive his or her 1st set of puppy shots.

 1) We guarantee this puppy to the best of our knowledge, to be in good health, free of diseases & has received its first vaccines and dewormings at the time of sale. The Breeder is not responsible for the death or loss of this puppy once it leaves our premises, due to sickness, accidents, injuries or theft.  The breeder is not responsible for refunds due to human allergies, disability, not bonding with the puppy or because the temperament is not what you expected, but we will take a puppy back.(see #8)

2) The owner assumes all financial responsibility for the puppy including but not limited to vet expenses, AKC registration, food, surgeries, boarding, grooming etc.

3) The owners assume responsibility to continue quality healthcare for the puppy.  This puppy will require monthly worming and a series of vaccinations.  You are highly encouraged to keep your puppy current with all necessary vet checks. 

4) You have 4 days after receiving the puppy  to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a complete physical.  

If for any reason the vet finds a defect in the puppy that will cause certain premature death, you may return the puppy to us and receive a different puppy from the same or future litter or you may have a Full refund. The breeder agrees to refund the purchase price upon the return of the puppy to the breeder, at the owner’s expense (does not include shipping cost).  A refund will only be given upon a written report from the vet responsible for performing the exam.  The vet will need to provide the Breeder with all test results and a diagnosis in WRITING.  This refund will only be given provided that the breeder’s veterinarian of choice verifies the defect.  Presence of parasites such as worms or Guardia, Coccidia, does not make a puppy defective and is not included.  We attempt to send your puppy home parasite free.  After the above date this guarantee is not valid.  The Breeder is not responsible for any vet bills acquired by the owner.

5) We guarantee hips against any genetic defects for 2 yrs of the puppy’s life.  We guarantee against Severe hip dysplasia up to 1 year.  If your puppy is diagnosed with hereditary hip dysplasia within the first year of life, you would need to send a copy of all medical records showing that you have kept all shots and medical treatment current, there will need to be a statement from a veterinarian. We will offer a refund of 1/2 the purchase price with written statement from your vet that the pup  (dog) has been spayed/ neutered ( this applies to all puppies sold on Limited or Full AKC registration). If there are any signs of abuse or neglect, over feeding or the pup has been bred, this will void the Health Guarantee. We will not pay any medical bills.  You may keep your pet.  

6) Although we are careful to breed animals with great temperaments, no guarantee can be given regarding your puppy’s temperament, final weight or height. 

7) ___X__Your puppy has been purchased as "Pet Quality" on Limited registration you agree that your puppy will be spayed/neutered. KTL will hold AKC papers until proof of spay is received.
*** If breeding rights are purchased you will receive all akc paperwork


8) If you are unable to keep your puppy for any reason, we will take the puppy back; you will be refunded of the purchase price AFTER another suitable home has been found.

  This applies to the original purchaser only and we must be notified if ownership of the puppy changes.

*Normal OFA result are Excellent, Good, Normal, Fair, Mild

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