At KTL we only Breed Full English Or English/American. We do not breed any straight American/Field Labs.

What's the Difference?

Color, Size, Build, Personality (hyper vs. calm) and cost


English/American Bred at 9wks 

100% English at  6wks

 100% English at 12 weeks

English is a more round stocky barrel body with big feet, big head, big butt and the coat texture is fluffy/soft with minimal amount of course texture and Calm     English Yellow         American Chocolate

Notice the width difference in the size of the head/necks

American Lab is a narrower, leaner body build with skinner legs and smaller feet. Coat texture can range from soft, smooth to coarse and are bred for Hunting, so are generally more hyper.

Personality Difference: English VS American  and English/American Bred

This is How another English Lab Breeder explains it as well.

Full English vs Full American
A "breeder" who tells you there is no difference between an English and American Labrador, is one of two things,  new at breeding and have no idea what they are talking about OR they are wanting to push a puppy on you.
After owning both the English and the American/Field Labrador, I will be the first to say, there IS a difference. When searching for a Labrador puppy, I suggest as a breeder, to ask "is the lines American/Field lab or English? The breeder SHOULD know where the lines come from and know what they are breeding!! Every Lab lover has their own preferences for what they like and don't like in a Labrador (or any other breed)..
I've had people tell me " we didnt know our lab was field when we bought him, and he was way to hyper for our family and were unable to keep him". A breeder SHOULD explain this to a person for the welfare and well-being of their puppies!!  I would think the only reason a breeder wouldnt take the time to explain is to push that puppy out the door.  I would much rather see a person go somewhere else and get a puppy if mine arent suitable for that person, than to have the puppy end up in a shelter later on...
How can you find out what the puppy is if the breeder doesn't know, ask for pedigree!!
Most labs if bred from good lines, have champions in thier pedigree. Some common abbreviations in the pedgiree of English are CH. (show champions) and CD (companion dog).. The most common in American/Field labs are FC, NFC, AFC, JH,( Field champ, National field Champ, Amateur field champ and Junior Hunter. What is there are no champs of any kind in the pedigrees? Then your guess is as good as mine.
ENGLISH (show/confirmation)..
Labs are usually very close to the Lab Breed Standard per AKC. These are usually the type Labs you see in the Show ring.  They are basically the heavier bone frame, with a much squarer head. Therefore the term being referred to as     "Blocky & Stocky" build,.  the thick "otter" tail; wonderful temperament, and are  low-key, (less hyper), just overall,  very calm natured. They are a wonderful to live with, eager to please, ready to play
.  This is the type we have...

Field OR American (for hunting/field trials)...
Field Labs tend to be taller, finer boned, a very high energy level referred to as "drive" . Their head / skull is more streamlined/ Longer than square. Tail is usually medium to skinny  and longer in appearance. They can go ALL  day. They tend to chew more. They are great if you are into hunting, field trials,   or have a super active lifestyle, but as a "house" dog,  I personally think they are way to hyper for such.
American Field Lab with English lines as well tend to display the calmness of the English lab and do make great house dogs and calm pets. They may look English or may show the American lab look.
If the breeder dont know thier dogs lines I would either find another breeder or learn to read the pedigrees. Dont buy it just because its cute.